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When a family is in need of help to provide care for someone they love, they are above all seeking confidence…confidence that the agency they choose will have the ability and the heart to give their loved one the kind of care they themselves would provide. Coastal Home Care, with 35 years of history, knows well that people need people, and sending the right caregiver is the essence of our purpose. We will be there for your family when you need us.

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Coastal CAG Enjoys a Girls Glamour Day

Coastal CAG Enjoys a Girls Glamour Day

Posted by: Coastal Home Care | July 8, 2015

Coastal Home Care DDP, Ametria Everett, shared these photos of her Community Access Group in Brunswick at GIRLS GLAM DAY. Our ladies were thrilled to have their hands and feet pampered and ...

Thank You To Our Wonderful Caregivers!

Thank You To Our Wonderful Caregivers!

Posted by: maura | February 13, 2015

Caregiving takes a special kind of person, one for whom giving love is the greatest reward.

Coastal Home Care is extremely fortunate to have found hundreds of these wonderful people, whose care ...


“It does something to your heart to help somebody, and that's what it's all about -- people need people.

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