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When a family is in need of help to provide care for someone they love, they are above all seeking confidence…confidence that the agency they choose will have the ability and the heart to give their loved one the kind of care they themselves would provide. Coastal Home Care, with over 35 years of history, knows well that people need people, and sending the right caregiver is the essence of our purpose. We will be there for your family when you need us.

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Seeking Full-Time RN Supervisor

Seeking Full-Time RN Supervisor

Posted by: maura | July 21, 2016


Seeking Full-Time RN Supervisors in Savannah

Following a prescribed process for regular assessment and monitoring, Coastal Supervisory Nurses make it possible for individuals with ...

CHC Seeks RN and LPN Care Managers

CHC Seeks RN and LPN Care Managers

Posted by: maura | July 19, 2016


Are you an RN or LPN with the desire to improve lives?

Do you enjoy working with the elderly, individuals with physical and/or developmental disabilities, and others who need assistance to ...


“Our social worker said, "There's this wonderful company that does this - this is all they do." They have sent someone we can rely on, someone we have grown to love. And they even have a backup when she can't be here. It sounded too good to be true. But I am having a great time. I am always thinking at work "I can't believe I am able to do this."

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