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Our Story

Coastal Home Care originated in Valdosta, Georgia in 1978 as “Eldercare.”  It began as a small home occupation by Laura Lynn Miller, the wife of the current Coastal Home Care President and CEO, Martin Miller.

Laura Lynn, a social worker for the Department of Family and Children Services, recognized the need for services that would allow individuals needing daily living assistance to age in place. Being unable as a social worker to locate such services, Laura Lynn worked with a neighbor to create a new business, which they called Eldercare.  As Eldercare grew, its leaders recognized a need for services to assist individuals with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as seniors. The company then changed its name to Southern Home Care Services. 

In 1998, Southern Home Care Services was acquired by ResCare, a national company headquartered in Louisville, KY.  Most of the Southern Home Care leadership staff remained with ResCare until 2007, when the Millers and several partners reentered the home care business in the eastern portion of the state of Georgia.  A new company, Coastal Home Care, was thus created, and many of the early employees of Eldercare remain with Coastal Home Care today.

The early leaders of the company are now teaching and guiding the next generation of home care leaders as programs expand geographically and in range of service options. The combined experience of the current Coastal Home Care leadership far exceeds that of any other home care company. For this reason, Coastal Home Care is able to offer the highest in quality for the lowest possible price.