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Our Management Team

Maura Respess Special Projects Director

​Maura Miller Respess, Special Projects Director for Coastal Home Care, grew up in the home care business. The daughter of Martin and Laura Lynn Miller, Maura was a small child when her parents started Eldercare in Valdosta and operated the business out of their home while Maura was a toddler. “Each stage of Coastal Home Care’s colorful development has taught me about hard work, the importance of talented teams, commitment to caring for those in need, and doing the right thing,” she commented.  Maura is a 1998 cum laude graduate of the George Washington University in Washington D.C. with a BBA in Business, Economics and Public Policy. While in Washington, Maura interned on Capitol Hill for both Republican and Democratic legislators. Maura lives in Savannah and Valdosta with her children, Lilly and Jed.