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Calm Through the Storm

Posted by: Jocelyn | September 11, 2019
Calm Through the Storm

In times of crisis and confusion, a level head prevails.

No one illustrates that truth better than our Camden Developmental Disability Professional (DDP), Ametria Everett, who shined during the Hurricane Dorian evacuation.

As often as Coastal Georgia is threatened by hurricanes, it would seem that the safety planning for such events would be routine, however, it’s anything but. Every threat is different requiring its own level of preparation and that’s where Ametria exceled.

Ametria calmly and patiently communicated with, and very thoroughly prepared, the individuals under her care. When the evacuation order was issued, her plan was executed without a hitch. Knowing exactly what to expect, the individuals she works with were able to remain calm and actually have fun during the process; look at their smiling faces!

Coastal Home Care thanks you, Ametria, for a job very well done and for making such a remarkable difference to the people that we serve!