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Coastal Home Care Goes Digital with CareVoyant

Posted by: maura | June 8, 2016
Coastal Home Care Goes Digital with CareVoyant

The digital age has come to Coastal Home Care!  By June 20th, CHC clinical staff will supervise care by documenting electronically. All nurses will carry Windows Surface tablets rather than paper forms as they do admissions, assessments, supervisory visits and care plans.

Pictured in the photo at left are Savannah Branch Manager Robert Etheridge taking instruction from AR Director Kasey Duggar as she indicates some of the highlights of the new tablet and program features.

The nursing staff are enthusiastic about the change, although they agree there is much to learn in using the new system. Last week, the Coastal Home Care nursing staff participated in a two-day training in Savannah led by CareVoyant Project Manager Kira Henning of Phoenix, Arizona. “This was one of the best, if not the best, groups I have ever trained! I am amazed at the progress made by Coastal Home Care in developing customized forms and their enthusiasm to embrace new technology,” said Henning of the nurses and development staff.

It Director Mike James and Accounts Receivable Director Kasey Duggar headed the development team in creating clinical module forms and assessments that the nurses will use to document client needs and progress. “After five months of intensive development, we are super excited to be rolling out the program,” said James. “Our nurses have been awesome, and we expect a successful go-live with the new program on June 20th.  We also anticipate a major reduction in paper use as well as enhanced capabilities to provide excellent care to our clients.”

Coastal Home Care purchased CareVoyant software in 2006 for its home care and assisted living programs that operate under its sister company Altrus. CareVoyant software enables Coastal Home Care and Altrus to track service delivery and client and caregiver information, pay staff for services rendered, and bill for those services very efficiently. The new clinical module was in development for more than two years, and Coastal Home Care is one of the first companies to put it to use. Leadership at Coastal Home Care as well as at CareVoyant is excited about being able to capture and trend clinical data, which enables care groups to communicate more quickly and effectively, thus improving client outcomes and reducing costs.

Pictures below: CareVoyant Project Manager Kira Henning (standing) instructs nursing and management staff in the new clinical module – L-R IT Director Mike James, Deputy Director Debra Copeland, Clinical Supervisor Judith Lloyd, Clinical Supervisor Beverly Vasta. Facing away L-R Clinical Supervisor Cindy Lewis and LPN Supervisor Cheryl Norton.