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CHC’s Longest Serving Caregiver Retires

Posted by: maura | September 18, 2018
CHC’s Longest Serving Caregiver Retires

After 30 years of using her time to care for others, Dana Jordan has decided it is finally time to take care of herself. She is officially retiring from being the longest serving caregiver at Coastal Home Care, going all the way back to 1987, when she was hired here in Savannah at our then-named “Eldercare” operation.

Dana was lauded today by the staff of the Savannah operation of Coastal Home Care. Jami Murray said to Dana “What you have is a gift, and we are so glad that we were able to share your gift with others who truly need it.” Murray said that Dana had served some individuals loyally for more than 20 years. Dana was presented with a plaque inscribing the company’s appreciation, a gift card from staff, and flowers. President and CEO Martin Miller presented Dana with a check from the company, thanking her for all that she has done, noting that he was most likely the only employee who has been here longer than she. VP of Development Jesse Petrea commented that Dana has provided in excess of 62,000 hours of service to dozens of individuals with illness or disability throughout these many years.

Dana commented “I am ready to go, but, if I find that I don’t have enough to do, can I come back?

Yes ma’am, Dana. It would be an honor to have you.

Below are some photos from Dana's retirement party:


Dana (on right) with Savannah Manager Jami Murray.


with CHC President, Founder and CEO, Martin Miller.


with CHC staff members.

So many lives touched; such a difference you made Dana.

You will be missed!