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Jesse Petrea Presents Ideas to Reform Medicaid in Georgia

Posted by: maura | November 19, 2013
Jesse Petrea Presents Ideas to Reform Medicaid in Georgia

Jesse Petrea presented on Monday to the Georgia Medicaid Reform Study Committee.  This 18-member study committee was created by the Georgia Legislature to evaluate the state's current Medicaid program, examine other states' Medicaid programs, and plan for the future of Medicaid services and funding in Georgia. Having been asked as an expert on Home and Community-Based Services to present his ideas for Medicaid reform, Jesse discussed the cost-savings that can be achieved by appropriatly placing individuals in the type of service most appropriate for them.  Most of Georgia's aged, blind and disabled population (ABD), which represents 29% of Medicaid recipents in Georgia but utilizes 58% of the total budget*, can be served in less restrictive home and community based (HCBS) settings.  Not only are these less restrictives settings, such as personal homes and assisted living group homes, less expensive alternatives to institutionalization, they are preferred by consumers.  In addition, these home and community-based services help keep Georgians out of hospitals and emergency rooms as well as maintain adequate space in nursing homes for those who most need around-the-clock skilled nursing. 

Jesse appropriately titled his presentation "Maximizing Savings with Home and Community Based Services."  His ALS Alzheimer's proposal, which recommends using waivered funds to serve individuals with Alzheimer's disease in state-funded memory care assisted living homes instead of in nursing homes and hospitals, can be viewed here: Assisted Living Memory Care Units for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia

*Please see the Georgia Department of Community Health presentation on current Medicaid costs in Georgia: 2013 Joint Study Committee on Medicaid Reform

Jesse Petrea is running for the Georgia House of Representatives to represent Georgia's aging population and the tax-payers who fund the system to support them.  Georgians young and old will be increasing impacted by aging Boomers. See some of the statistics of what to expect here: The Looming Caregiver Shortage: It’s Going to Affect You!

Learn about Jesse Petrea here: Jesse Petrea to Represent the Interests of Seniors in Atlanta