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Jesse Petrea to Represent the Interests of Seniors in Atlanta

Posted by: maura | August 14, 2013
Jesse Petrea to Represent the Interests of Seniors in Atlanta

Jesse Petrea for Georgia State Senate, Medical Position Paper

As an owner of one of Coastal Georgia’s largest home care companies and a statewide assisted living company, Jesse Petrea has been immersed in the health care delivery system for over 21 years.  Jesse, the son of a physician and a native of Savannah, co-owns Coastal Home Care and Altrus Assisted Living. These organizations provide quality community based health services.  Jesse is a Board Member and past President of the Assisted Living Association of Georgia and the Georgia Association of Community Care Providers. He is a Board Member of the Health Care Mutual Captive Insurance Company and the Riverview Health and Rehabilitation Center.  He has worked closely with numerous Commissioners at the Department of Community Health over the years and has become an expert on long term care, particularly on its primary funding source-Medicaid.  Accordingly, he was appointed to the State Health Strategies Council by Governor Sonny Perdue.  Further, he has served on numerous Advisory Committees to the Department of Medical Assistance over the years.

Although Jesse’s expertise is focused on community based services, he has worked intimately with all aspects of the health care delivery system to include hospitals, physicians, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, case management organizations, the Veterans Administration, long term care insurance providers, workers compensation providers and Mental Health Community Services Boards.  Jesse understands the impact that the Affordable Care Act is having on hospitals, physicians, and employers.  As a large employer, he is painfully aware of the negative impact the employer mandate of the ACA will have on businesses. 

Jesse was a strong supporter of the 2005 tort reform bill that passed in Georgia led by Sen. Eric Johnson.  He favors seeking other improvements to tort reform measures that would improve the practice environment for providers in Georgia.

As Georgia studies Medicaid reforms to reign in one of the state’s largest budget items, Jesse believes that providers must be part of the process.  Quality must be protected, providers must be paid fairly and timely, and the physician patient relationship must be preserved.  Having been a Medicaid provider for over 20 years, Jesse has seen firsthand the proliferation of bureaucratic administrative requirements that do nothing to promote quality of care.  Accordingly, we need to seek out efficiencies by reducing these burdens on providers.

Finally, as Georgia continues to age rapidly, Jesse has what few in the State legislature have today – a deep understanding of long term care.  Aged, blind, and disabled Georgians comprise only 27% of 2014 projected enrollment in Georgia Medicaid but account for 57% of total spending.  Now, more than ever, we need experts in our State Legislature on Long term care.

When elected, Jesse Petrea will not just focus on finding problems but on finding solutions.  He proposes studying Long term care insurance tax credits to encourage middle class Georgians to purchase LTC insurance.  Further, he supports legislation encouraging the conversion of life insurance policies to long term care benefit plans to delay entry onto Medicaid which will save taxpayer dollars and provide more options for seniors choosing services.

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