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Recognizing Those Whose Work Improves Lives

Posted by: maura | October 2, 2018
Recognizing Those Whose Work Improves Lives

Kristian Lamb and Jatisa Alexander were recognized today for their exceptional work by Coastal Home Care of Columbus Branch Manager, Laura Wise.

Kristian and Jatisa were both presented with Coastal Home Care's highest award, the Big Heart Award, along with a gift card. 

Ms. Wise stated that Kristian and Jatisa go above and beyond for their clients, as they did for Ms. Dorothy Bowden, pictured above with Kristian and Jatisa, when Ms. Bowden was hospitalized recently. 

"Ms Bowden was in the hospital overnight, and these two amazing women worked together to make sure that Ms. Bowden got all the care and attention she needed. They even spent their own time when their shifts were over to be able to talk to Ms. Bowden's doctors to ensure that care plans are understood and followed. We do not usually allow our caregivers to remain with a client when they are not scheduled on a shift, but I was glad that Kristian and Jatisa took charge for Ms. Bowden. The Case Management agency that oversees Ms. Bowden's care was also very impressed."

Coastal Home Care is blessed with many amazing caregivers who improve lives daily. Kristian Lamb and Jatisa Alexander: Thank you for your great work!