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Tammy’s Mother’s Day Gift That Continues Giving

Posted by: maura | May 18, 2017
Tammy’s Mother’s Day Gift That Continues Giving

Tammy Moseley Ray honors her mother’s memory in a way that brings joy to others. Each Mother’s Day, Tammy sends flowers to a deserving mother who may not receive flowers from her child, thereby honoring another mother as she honors her own.

To help her find the mothers that she honors, Tammy enlists the help of Coastal Home Care’s Savannah office. “Our industry attracts many fabulous mothers as caregivers, because the same traits that make these women great mothers to their own children also makes them great caregivers to our clients,” says CHC Executive Director Jana Feiler.  

Over the five years that Tammy has worked with Coastal Home Care to choose a mother to whom to give her special flowers each Mother’s Day, CHC caregivers have been selected as have clients and family caregivers.  This year, the Manager of Savannah Area Services for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities helped Tammy select a very special mother.

CHC Branch Manager Betsy Harris has long admired the mother of one of the individuals that her team serves. “Ms. Evans is such an inspiration to us! Despite many setbacks in her life, Ms. Evans perseveres to ensure that her loved ones have the best life possible. Her lupus slows her down at times, but it certainly never stops her! She just keeps pushing to reach her goals. Ms. Evans is a truly amazing woman, and I’m so glad that Tammy chose to give her flowers this year for Mother’s Day. I know Manny would have bought his mom flowers if he could!”  Betsy added with a smile, “Truth be told, I think Manny thinks he did give these flowers to his mom. We let him have that.”

When Betsy told Tammy about Ms. Evans and her son Manny, who is a member of Betsy’s life skills group, Tammy was excited to be able to recognize such a special woman. “Ms. Evans is a single mother with a developmentally disabled son who handles health issues of her own. In addition, she is going back to school and maintains a 4.0 grade point average. I wish that I could still give flowers to my own mother, but I hope that the flowers I gave Ms. Evans brightened her day.

Coastal Home Care team members could think of many deserving moms to receive Tammy’s flowers this year. Ms. Evans stands out, not only because of her fabulous mothering to son Manny and others who regularly visit their home, 2017 is a special year in the Evans home. Manny will be graduating from high school this month. The special needs program at Manny’s school has been a wonderful source of learning and inspiration for Manny. Combined with the skills he has learned from Coastal Caregivers and his mother's steady encouragement, Manny is well prepared to take on the challenges that face him following graduation. Manny will contribute to his community despite his disabilities. His mother will be there to support him as will their friends at Coastal Home Care.

Says CHC’s Antoinette Steward, who heads up Manny’s support services, “I think the world of Ms. Evans. She does everything she can to take care of her family, despite any obstacles that get in her way. She is a sweet person with a positive outlook, and she makes sure that Manny has the best life possible. I’m so glad that we could honor Ms. Evans this year with Tammy’s beautiful flowers.”

Pictured above are Tammy Moseley Ray with her flowers for Ms. Evans (on right) as well as Ms. Evans and Manny when the flowers were delivered (on left).  WSAV’s The Bridge Morning Show aired the story about Tammy’s annual Mother’s Day gift and this year’s recipient, Ms. Evans.