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Tammy’s Mother’s Day Gift That Continues Giving

Posted by: maura | May 15, 2018
Tammy’s Mother’s Day Gift That Continues Giving

Tammy Moseley Ray honors her mother’s memory in a way that brings joy to others. Each Mother’s Day, Tammy sends flowers to a stand out mom on the recommentaion of Coastal Home Care staff. In this act of kindness, Tammy honors another mother as she honors her own.

To help her find the mothers that she honors, Tammy enlists the help of Coastal Home Care’s Savannah office. “Our industry attracts many fabulous mothers as caregivers, because the same traits that make these women great mothers to their own children also makes them great caregivers to our clients,” says CHC Executive Director Jana Feiler.

Over the six years that Tammy has worked with Coastal Home Care to choose a mother to whom to give her special flowers each Mother’s Day, CHC caregivers have been selected as have clients and family caregivers.  This year, Coastal Home Care helped Tammy select a very special mother. The below is from Shaneen Carter of Coastal Home Care who works directly with the recipient of Tammy’s Mother’s Day flowers and her children:

Ms. Anthony is the mother of six with a heart of gold. She has always acted as an advocate for her two kids “who God made special,” as she says.  Ms. Anthony is the true definition of a good person. After losing her husband several years ago, Ms. Anthony devoted her life to her children. Even when the kids were younger, Ms. Anthony would keep all of them involved; one would never go anywhere without the others.

To know Ms. Anthony is to love her. She can and does make any day a better day with a hug or an inspirational saying for those around her. Whenever Ms. Anthony walks into a room, she hugs everyone.  Ms. Anthony is a true believer in making everyone feel loved and special. In addition, she is one of the strongest women I have ever met. During situations that would defeat most, Ms. Anthony has the strength to persevere, making difficult situations easier to manage for all around her. Ms. Anthony is a beautiful person inside and out, a true angel on earth.

Thank you Shaneen for your beautiful words and kindness. No wonder Ms. Anthony was brought to tears when you presented her with Tammy’s gift!

Pictured above are Tammy Moseley Ray with her flowers for Ms. Anthony and Ms. Anthony, close to tears, after receiving her beautiful flowers from Tammy and words of admiration from her Coastal Home Care friends.

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