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Thank you for your amazing work that improves lives!

Posted by: maura | January 23, 2018
Thank you for your amazing work that improves lives!


Coastal Home Care is beyond blessed to have some amazing caregivers whose work truly makes the world a better place! We have several awards that we reguarly use to recognize our caregivers who go above and beyond in caring for their clients. 

The Big Heart and Peace of Mind awards are presented to direct care employees who demonstrate consistency, dependability and heart, with exceptional dedication and service to their clients.

Please join us in recognizing some of our best caregivers who each received awards for their exception work in December.  Thank you ladies for all that you do to improve lives!

 Shewania Moore, Augusta.

Shewania Moore was hired as one of our first Augusta Coastal Caregivers - and what a find for us!  Shewania is a solution in every situation she has entered. The individuals with whom Shewania works absolutely adore her! And all of the caregivers she has trained look up to her as a mentor. We are so lucky to have Shewania as part of our team! Thank you Shewania for who you are and all that you do!!

 Ruth McAtee, Barnesville.

Ruth McAtee is an exceptional caregiver, always exceeding the call of duty. Having been with CHC for over five years, Ruth exuberates joy and care for her clients. She is a joy to have as an employee, and we are very lucky to have her work in our area and care of our clients. Ruth always takes great pride in a job well done, and it shows daily. We are very thankful for Ruth!!!

 Chiquitha Douglas, Brunswick.

Chiquitha Douglas is extremely passionate about giving back to our community and to individuals needing support to remain independent. Chiquitha hit the ground running as a Coastal Caregiver, shwoing great drive and focus. She is inspirational to all around her. We are proud to have Chiquitha as part of the Brunswick Team. Thank you Chiquitha for your important work that makes the work a better place!

Jan King, Hinesville, photo pending.

Mrs. Jan King has been with Coastal Home Care since early 2012. From the Tattnall county area and a U.S. military Veteran, Jan excels in her service to a variety of Coastal Home Care clients. She has exceptional skill in working with quadriplegics. 
Jan has a magnetic personality, one that you cannot help but to enjoy when she is around.  She is one of those employees that you send to a home, and the family loves her and doesn’t want anyone else. Jan always has a big impact on the individual and the family, as she does the Coastal Home Care office staff. 
Jan King has been a great talent for Coastal Home Care over the years and continues to show love and respect toward her clients, co-workers and to the office staff. Jan is known for always going above and beyond for her clients and always is willing to try something new.  Coastal Home Care of Hinesville is proud to have Jan King as a part of our team and as our Big Heart award winner.
Thank you Jan!  And congratulations!!

 Dianna Byrd with Jami Murray, Savannah Private Services.

Dianna Byrd has been with Coastal Home Care for over ten years. She is a wonderful example of the loving and kind caregivers we are so fortunate to have on our team. Dianna has assisted many clients throughout her time with us, and the response we get from all of them is, "Dianna is wonderful! She takes such good care of my family." Dianna is a true professional with excellent manners and skill. She demonstrates kindness and compassion for the clients she serves, but she is also there to support the family. One family member shared with us that, out of all the caregivers that she has had for her father through many years, Dianna has been the absolute best. We are proud and honored to recognize Dianna Byrd as ourBig Heart Award winner! She exemplifies the heart of a caregiver and is extremely deserving of this award.  
Thank you Dianna for all that you do Dianna!

 Hellaine Walker with Jesse Petrea, Yolanda Oliver, and Robert Etheridge, Savannah Public Services.

The Savanah Branch of Coastal Home Care honors Hellaine Walker as their Big Heart award winner for 4th quarter 2017. On a daily basis, Hellaine goes above and beyond for the individuals she serves. Recently, a SOURCE case manager said: “Hellaine is the best caregiver that I work with from any provider.” Last month, Hellaine’s father passed away, yet Hellaine still managed to ensure that her clients received care of the day of her father’s funeral. Says Branch Manager, Robert Etheridge: “ I just cannot say enough about how wonderful Hellaine is as caregiver!”
Thank you Hellaine for supporting independence and improving lives!

 Shaneen Carter with the Savannah DD Team, Savannah Services to Individuals with Disabilities.

Shaneen Carter has been with Coastal Home Care since 2016 and is a wonderful asset to the Coastal Home Care DD team! Shaneen shows great compassion to families and has helped many of the individuals we serve work towards living their best life. Shaneen is currently attending Savannah State University and working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Analysis. Shaneen enjoys learning about behavioral psychology and is working towards her goal of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. Outside of work and studying, Shaneen volunteers in the community, enjoys writing poetry, and spends quality time with her family. We are proud to name Shaneen our Big Heart Award recipient. Thank you Shaneen for your important work and the joy you bring to those around you!

 Nikira Arrington with the Savannah DD Team, Savannah Services to Individuals with Disabilities.

The PDD Branch also recognizes the exceptional work of Nikira Arrington in all that she does for the individuals she serves. Nikira began at Coastal Home Care in February of 2009 and has worked with over one hundred individuals, through all phases of life, and has provided over 18,000 direct service hours to those who need her. Nikira is well known for her personality, reliability, accountability, high level of skill, and her ability to meet the needs of individuals facing many challenges. An example of Nikira's excellence was demonstrated during Savannah's recent ice stroms during which Nikira served all of the individuals on her regular schedule and offered availability to pick up extra shifts to provide services to for those in need. Nikira said the snow wasn’t going to stop her! Nikira, from the bottom of our hearts, we recognize and thank you for being on our team! You bring joy to all of us. We are forever grateful for your passion to help others and humbled by your dedication to your career and those you care for. Kudos to you Nikira!

 Kizzie Wadley with Monica Scott and Debra Copeland, Statesboro.

Although she came to us in 2010 with very little experience, Kizzie Wadley quickly earned a place as one of our best caregivers. After great success working with clients in the CCSP and SOURCE programs, Kizzie was promoted to a caregiver specializing in care for individuals challenged with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
“Kizzie Wadley is one of those employees that you send to a home, and the family loves her and doesn’t want anyone else” says Debra Copeland, Interim Branch Manager for Coastal Home Care of Statesboro. “She has a big impact on the individual and the family, as well as the Coastal Home Care office staff.”
Kizzie is known for her willingness to travel, go above and beyond, and is always willing to try something new and different. She has been a great asset to Coastal Home Care, always showing love and respect toward her clients, their families, and her co-workers.
Coastal Home Care of Statesboro is proud to have Kizzie Wadley as a part of our team and as our 2017 Big Heart award winner. Thank you Kizzie for your important work that makes the work a better place!

Patricia Lemon, St. Marys, photo pending.

Patricia Lemon is compassionate, dedicated, hard-working, and genuinely cares for all of her clients. Patricia is routinely asked to fill weekend shifts when other caregivers call out. Patricia does not hesitate to fit an additional client into her already busy schedule. Her day often starts 5:45AM and ends as late as 8:00PM. Patricia’s work is exceptional and her dedication to her clients and CHC is beyond admirable. Thank you Patricia for your important work that makes the work a better place!

LaQuisha Burse, Waycross, photo pending.

LaQuisha Burse is not only one of  CHC’s most compassionate, caring and professional caregivers, she never calls out, works weekends and holidays, and she is willing to take on any case regardless of the level of care, living conditions and/or social status. LaQuisha states that she simply wants to help those who need help. Since LaQuisha has been with CHC, we have received an overwhelming amount of compliments and praises from every client that she currently sees or has seen. LaQuisha works very hard, takes great pride in her work, goes out of her way to make sure that the client is completely satisfied, and genuinely concerned for the wellfare of those in need. Thank you LaQuisha for all that you do!

If you would like for us to to recognize your Coastal Caregiver with an award, please send your recomendation to

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