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With so many providers to choose from, why should you choose Coastal Home Care to provide services to your family member?

  • CHC has become the provider of choice in all of our service areas.
  • We have a long history in community based nursing services and nursing oversight, so if your family member needs any kind of health care monitoring or skilled care, we can do it.
  • Because we have over forty years of experience serving seniors as well as individuals with disabilities, we can easily accommodate changes in health care needs. 
  • Our management staff and directors are available 24/7/365. We are always on call.
  • We have a capable administrative structure and strong financial depth, which means stability and consistency for our customers.
  • We attract the best caregivers, and we treat them with respect.
  • If you select us as your provider and are unhappy with our performance, we will help you find another provider that meets your satisfaction.

Coastal Home Care decided in 2007 to make our primary focus services to individuals with developmental disabilities. We became aware that the state of Georgia was seeking fresh additions to the existing provider pool. With our strong customer service culture developed over years of serving senior citizens and private pay clients, we are confident that our services will be a welcome option to people living with disabilities. Our growth and clear status as the provider of choice have led us to continue expanding our service area.Contact us to discuss your unique needs. If we cannot help your family member, we will help you find someone who can.Reach any CHC office by calling our toll-free number.

Call anytime: 800-617-1126

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A few of our caregivers are shown below with the individuals they serve:

Andreia Pennington

 Andreia is pictured here with with Torra.

Edna Williams

 Edna is pictured with Justin.

Nate Johnston

 Nate is pictured with Austin.

Neco Wright

 Neco is pictured with Charlie.

Rashida Hopson

 Rashida is photographed with Emmanuell “Manny”.

Coastal Home Care is beyond blessed to have found these wonderful caregivers, as well as others we have yet to photograph. The work that these incredibly special people do daily truly makes the world a better place.  

Many thanks to the CHC Team and Austin Smith for these beautiful photographs!