Coastal Home Care

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How We Serve

Coastal Home Care offers the entire menu of home care services allowed under our license. They include:

How We Serve​

Personal Care Services

Bathing, Grooming, Hygiene
Coastal Caregivers help clients look their best by assisting with baths, fixing hair, and assisting with other personal hygiene activities.

Mobility Assistance
Caregiver assistance with mobility helps CHC clients maintain an active lifestyle while reducing falls.

Transferring and Positioning
Coastal Caregivers are trained to help clients transfer safely and maintain correct posture positions.

Toileting and Incontinence Care
CHC caregivers compassionately and sensitively help clients maintain dignity and self-esteem as they receive help with these activities of daily living.

Medication Reminders, Feeding and Special Diet
Coastal Caregivers remind clients to take their medication and help them to to stay on prescribed diets.

Companionship and Support Care Services

Conversation and Companionship
CHC caregivers provide clients company and engage them in conversation and activities. 

Meal Preparation
Coastal Caregivers prepare hot and nutritious meals, encouraging the client to help with preparation and grocery shopping.

Our caregivers provide laundry services in the home or at a laundromat.  These services include washing, drying, folding and putting items away.

Light Housekeeping
Coastal Caregivers provide light housekeeping to include sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, cleaning bathrooms ( sinks, tubs, showers, toilets) cleaning kitchens ( sinks, appliances, counters, taking out trash), and straightening all rooms.  This service does not include outdoor cleaning or maintenance.

Grocery Shopping/Errands
Our caregivers shop for groceries at stores of client preference and run errands, such as picking up prescriptions or going to the post office.   Clients may choose to say home or help with the shopping and errands.

Coastal Caregivers will provide escort to other care services such as medical appointments.

Medication Reminders
CHC caregivers cannot dispense medication; however, they can remind clients to take their own medication as prescribed.

Live-in Services
Through this program, we provide full-time caregiving by staff who live at the client’s home to provide home care on a daily basis. The client and family, together with CHC design the non-medical in home services to be provided. CHC skilled nurses can set-up medication in pill boxes as an add-on service.

Always Available
Coastal Home Care tailors care to each client’s specific needs.   Caregivers can be available for a few hours at a time through shifts of caregivers coordinated 24 hours per day.  Service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Respite Care Relief for the Family
Family caregivers and the loved ones they care for benefit from a little time off now and then.  Respite caregiving can be scheduled as needed to provide family caregivers time to run errands, go shopping or get some much-needed rest.

Specialty Care Services

Dementia Care
Coastal Caregivers provide care for clients who are experiencing symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

End of Life Care
CHC caregivers come to the aid of individuals who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, helping the client and the family make the most of their time together.

Safe Discharge
Our caregivers will arrive at the hospital prior to client discharge, assist them with gathering items, transport the client to home, assist the client once home with light homemaking, laundry, errands to the grocery store and pharmacy, meal preparation, and other activities of daily living as needed.

Respite Care
Relief for the Family
Family caregivers and those in their care can benefit from a little time off now and then.  Respite caregiving can be scheduled as needed to provide family caregivers time to run errands, go shopping or get some much-needed rest.

Medication Management
Our Registered Nurse reviews all prescribed and over-the-counter medication, communicates to all physicians for clarity and prescription orders to prevent any overlapping, sets up the medication in a structure that is clear for the client, and ensures any changes in medication are correctly organized to ensure the highest level of compliance in medication management

Veterans Administration Services
Our staff will make referrals to VA services for veterans and their spouses, widows or widowers.

Aging Services
The Older Americans Act provides grant funding through the Area Agencies on Aging and our staff will make referrals to the AAAs.

Referrals to Community-Based Resources
Our staff will make referrals to area Medicaid waiver programs (such as Community Care and SOURCE) for individuals who may qualify, as well as to other organizations who provide resources to individuals in need.

Skilled Nursing Services

Nursing Assessment and Care Management Services
These services are provided by a Registered Nurse or Service Coordinator and assure the coordination of long term care and other services for individuals in their homes.

Skilled Visits and/or Private Duty Nursing
Coastal Home Care provides skilled nursing by the visit or on an hourly basis by RNs and LPNs.