Coastal Home Care

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“It does something to your heart to help somebody, and that's what it's all about -- people need people.”
-- a Coastal Home Care Caregiver

“Our social worker said, "There's this wonderful company that does this - this is all they do." They have sent someone we can rely on, someone we have grown to love. And they even have a backup when she can't be here. It sounded too good to be true. But I am having a great time. I am always thinking at work "I can't believe I am able to do this." ”
-- Joann Gibbs

“Honesty, integrity, follow-through. What they say is what you can believe, and then you experience that with Coastal Home Care.”
-- Donna Hart

“It's really hard to be a new mom. No one gets that except other moms. You feel you are solely responsible for the new life God has bestowed upon you, and you forget to look out for yourself. I was very blessed that Coastal Home Care worked out the arrangement with my mom to have someone look after me when it was most needed. Our nurse was so wonderful, always punctual, never left before someone else was at the house to help me, and really put everyone at ease with the transition to our new life. I couldn't recommend Coastal Home Care more strongly. ”
-- Lisa Scarbrough